History of Fort Lauderdale Archers

This is just a little about the history of Fort Lauderdale Archers and where we have been ...

Our club had its beginning on the south side of Sterling Road next to a nudist camp and across from the Hollywood Pistol and Rifle Club. The year was 1950, the club was called South Florida Bowhunters and the President was Joe Patterson. The club spent most of the 60's there.

The 70's and half of the 80's were spent east of the Executive Airport near Lockhart Stadium. At that time the club was called Fort Lauderdale Archers and had been with the Florida Archery Association (FAA) for several years. In 1985, Fort Lauderdale Archers, under President David Brandfass, moved to its present location, which is known as the Dixie Well Field.

Our club logo is the Indian cartoon character Lonesome Polecat from the comic strip Lil' Abner. The author/artist Al Capp was a member of our club for many years. He donated the rights to use the Lonesome Polecat character as part of the Fort Lauderdale Archers logo.

-Bill Coulter, President