Range Rules

  • Littering is Prohibited.
  • Don't molest the animals or plants.
  • Use practice area to sight-in and practice.
  • The field course is a roving course, maximum 4 arrows per target, after which, proceed to the next target. Never go backwards on the course.
  • Bows of such poundage that the arrows readily penetrate new bales are not allowed.
  • No firearms or broad heads allowed on range. (Broad heads are allowed in the broad head pit only!)
  • No un-gentlemanly or un-lady like conduct on the range.
  • No illegal drugs are permitted on club property. Violators are subject to suspension.
  • No shooting at anything but designated targets.
  • Always give a warning of your presence if you are behind a target.
  • Never release an arrow when you can not see where it will land. Never shoot straight up in the air.
  • Never shoot a broken arrow. Always inspect them when retrieved.
  • Never demonstrate your skill by using a person as a target or permitting another person to hold an object at which you shoot.
  • Membership cards are to be worn at all times. You will be checked by staff members and could be asked to leave if you do not have it with you.
  • Bows shot at club owned targets may not exceed a set poundage of 60lbs. You must bring your own target block if you wish to shoot your bow while set above this limit.

Remember that a bow, like a gun, is a deadly weapon.
Treat it as such!